Do you ever hear about someone or read about their life and just think…that dude was crazy!  A recent example of this for me was Felix Baumgartner’s 24-mile skydive jump FROM THE STRATOSPHERE… that’s up in the Ozone Layer!! During this jump, he reached a top speed of 843.6mph. You’re average airliner plane travels at 621mph. He jumped from a helium-filled balloon capsule in an astronaut suit with the sole intent of breaking the world-record for highest free-fall, breaking the sound barrier in free-fall, and highest manned balloon flight. All of that to say… this dude was crazy!




I’ve been reading through the story of Abraham recently, and I must say, Abraham was crazy!  Abraham’s story (or Abram, at the time) starts in Genesis 12. And it doesn’t take long to see the first thing that might make us think Abraham was kinda crazy. In Genesis 12:1, God calls Abram to leave everything he has ever known, everything that he has worked for and acquired, and to follow Him “to the land that I will show you” (emphasis mine). God tells Abram to leave every comfort and security he has to blindly follow God to a place that He will show him. He doesn’t tell him where that place will be, how long it will take to actually get there, or even why.  But the crazy part is in verse 4: “So Abram went…”

Abram went… no questions asked (at least none recorded in Scripture). With only the promise that God had a land in mind for him and that God would make him into a great nation, Abram left it all to follow the call of God. And the craziness isn’t over. If you know anything about Abram and his wife, Sarai, you know that they could not have any children. Now, God promised to make Abram into a great nation by giving him offspring as numerous as the stars in the sky. But it’s kinda hard to see that happening if you can’t have any children.

Eventually, God opens Sarai’s womb (at the age of 90!) and blesses them with a son. And here’s crazy part #2. In Genesis 22, God calls out to Abraham again. And again, he has a crazy request for him: Take your one and only son, the one through whom I promised to make you into a great nation, and sacrifice him as a burnt offering. Now, I’m no scientist or biologist… but I’m pretty sure sacrificing your only son would make it difficult to expand your family tree. But again, Abraham doesn’t hesitate to follow God’s calling.




Most of us know the rest of the story: Abraham goes to sacrifice his son, God stops it from happening, and God blesses Abraham because of his obedience. But what has always spoken to me from the life of Abraham is his unflinching willingness to be obedient to God. He didn’t follow God’s leading kicking and screaming. He didn’t try to negotiate or make a bargain.  His attitude and response was simply to trust and obey God. So we may look at Abraham and think he was crazy for believing that even though he was heading to kill his only son, God would still come through on his promise to expand his offspring into a great nation. We may say Abraham was crazy for giving up everything he had worked for to follow a blind promise of a better land and future to come.  But when he put obedience to God’s calling ahead of everything else, we see that God comes through on his promises and rewards those who are faithful.

“Don’t worry about how clearly you can see what God’s up to. Just have faith and take the next step.” - Craig Groeschel (Pastor of Life.Church)

What is God nudging, asking, or clearly directing you to do? Let’s be crazy and follow Him.