The above phrase is from the last half of John 15:5. In this verse, we learn that Christ is the vine and we are the branches. To be productive and accomplish any “fruit” in our life, I must be connected to the life source. But how often do I try to do everything on my own strength?

“Apart from ME you can do nothing.”

I’m not sure where the Wonder Woman complex stems from. It could be a melding of so many different influences. Without a doubt, society’s expectations have played a part, as well as the messages and old tapes played over in my psyche from years ago as a single mom. But one thing that adds to this mess is I’m also a forgetful woman.


I do, go, run, work, create, prepare, hustle all week and forget that He is God IN me, He is God WITH me, He is God FOR me, and He is God THROUGH me. I forget that I need Him, especially in the day to day grind.

God designed us to need Him, to live in complete surrender. Not because He is some big egomaniac in the sky, but because He desires to empower us and give us what we lack, so that we can be everything He created us to be. He desires to be in relationship with us!  But unfortunately, when things are running smoothly and life seems good and “hashtag” blessed, I forget how desperately I need Him. But life has a way of bringing us back to our knees, doesn’t it? (a sudden illness, a wayward child, a moment of weakness to temptation, an aging parent…) And we find ourselves back before our God, dependent on His love and mercy. And amazingly, we are back where we belong, so that He can empower us and use us as He designed.

I love that as a church body we have been studying in the book of Acts, because we are reminded that by the filling of His Holy Spirit, ordinary, simple, and yes, even sinful men accomplished bold and powerful things which in turn pointed others to an incredible God.

Jesus told his disciples before He ascended that He is “going to send to them what the Father has promised, but stay until they have been clothed with power from on high.” - Luke 24:49 This promise was the gift of the Holy Spirit because “Apart from Him we can do nothing.”


Not too long ago, I finished a study called “Restless” by Jennie Allen. I absolutely love something she said about this gift of His Spirit that was promised to all His believers.

“If we only had an inkling of all we miss because we do not pray, because we do not believe the Spirit in us is able to do impossible things, we would shudder. You have God in you and wanting to go crazy through you, if you will just let Him.” WOW! Can you even fathom that? God going crazy through me, through you? But instead we live in fear, we live in regret over past sins and failures, we live stuck and we feel discouraged, overwhelmed or just plain tired.

We were created for a divine purpose. He has a plan that encompasses every part of our journey to uniquely point others to Him. He has a plan for every scar we have, every tear we’ve shed, every hurt we’ve felt, every victory and joy we’ve experienced. We just need to surrender and believe that the power that emboldened His disciples over 2000 years ago, is the very same power that indwells us. Wrap your mind around that truth.

Apart from ME you can do nothing, but with ME, you can accomplish the impossible!