In todays lap-top ready world, scrolling to the bottom and putting your electronic signature on something that we both know you didn’t read is normal. Those agreements are typically like two-hundred pages long, and there are some much more entertaining cat videos that one could be watching instead. So, we click agree as fast as possible and wait impatiently for the pizza to get here. 

It's normal. 

We are human. We can’t be bothered with reading anything over two-hundred characters; we have trouble expressing sentiments with out emjicons; and we have hashtags for all kinds of major events in our lives. 

Unfortunately, I believe that a lot of Christians are taking this approach to the Bible. We want to scroll to the end click agree and move on with life. I mean, the Bible is way longer than an Apple agreement — and in the end, we all have our Sunday School answers memorized: 



Because He Loves Us. 

The Bible Tells Us so. 

In elementary we got stars on our worksheets and went home. But we aren’t in grade school anymore. We are standing behind answers that were given to us by others rather than researching anything for ourselves. I myself am very guilty of this.  

Have you ever heard the verse “Money is the root of all evil”? 

That’s actually not correct. 

The real verse is found in 1 Timothy 6:10, where it says,  “Money is the root of ALL KINDS of evil.” (emphasis mine). That word, “kinds,” changes the entire meaning of the verse. Now, the verse makes it clear that money in and of itself is not inherently evil. It’s when money becomes an idol and greed becomes overwhelming does it become the root cause of evil. 

Another example is this concept that “God wants me to be happy.” 

This is literally nowhere in the Bible. 

In fact, the Bible tells us several times that “In this world there will be troubles, but take heart…” (John 16:33); and Romans 5:3-5 calls us to persevere through those troubles for the glory of God. 

I challenge each of you to take time in your walk to truly look for yourself at the Bible. Fact Check the things you read, hear on Sunday Mornings, or talk about in Bible Study. Educating yourself in the Word you are putting your faith in is never a waste of time. But, don’t take my word for it. Look these and other verses up for yourself!