People can warn you. They can give you all kinds of advice. You can read books, blogs, articles, the stars, the words of a song… but nothing can ever prepare you for becoming a parent more than actually becoming a parent — and by that time, you’re already committed. It brings sleepless nights, increased decibels of noises no fully-grown human can make, marking every spot in the house that creaks when stepped on… it’s just such a magical time.

But I can remember the moment very clearly. It was a moment I doubt I’ll ever forget. This moment was when my 3-month old son taught me something about God that I’ve always known, but never realized in the way he made me realize it. He didn’t point me to a place in the Bible. He didn’t sit me down for a 40-minute sermon on the theology of grace. Instead, he screamed… at 3:15 in the morning… for over an hour…

Trying everything I could think of to calm him — walking around the room, swaying back and forth, screaming back at him to show him how annoying it was (just kidding) — one thought kept going through my mind: “Dude, just go to sleep. You’re crying because you’re tired. Going to sleep will fix that.”

And there it was…

I knew exactly what he needed to fix the current trouble he was experiencing. If only he would listen to me, if only he would take my advice, things would be okay. And that was when my infant son made this reality of God sink in like nothing else ever has.




You see, that is God’s approach to us… it has been from the beginning of time. We experience pain or difficulty or temptation or trial and we cry out for something to happen. It’s in those moments when we want to scream and shout and cuss that God says, “I know what you need…will you trust me?” The problem is that sometimes we don’t want to listen or we don’t understand why He wants us to do what He wants us to do or we want to try and fix things ourselves.

But God tells us to cast all our worries and cares on Him… because ultimately He is the only One who can bring true solution and peace. Multiple times in Scripture, we are told that God knows what we need and gives us what we need when we need it. So maybe it’s time for us to stop screaming at 3 in the morning and put our trust in the promises of God. And just to be clear, that promise is not that we’ll have an easy, peaceful life… in fact, the Bible tells us to expect just the opposite. That promise is that, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20).