Daily, there are contraptions that we use without a conscious thought. We expect that our lights and our devices and our vehicles will work without complications. But what exactly is electricity? What is the actual source of our expectations? We know that electricity is the flow of moving electrons and that positively and negatively charged electrons work together to create a source of energy, but we really don’t know where the substance of electricity comes from. We can make it and we can control it, even though we don’t completely understand the exact molecular break down or the subatomic particle compounds. But even without detailed understanding, we still rely on electricity to carry out many daily functions.


We’ve all grown accustom to expecting certain elements in our lives to work properly as we need them, and so, when they don’t function as we expect, we get frustrated. We’ve all reached for our phone to find it dead or tried to turn on the car and it will not start. It can be infuriating and can ruin our entire day with inconveniences.
I think that sometimes we treat God like one of our on-demand power buttons. I am guilty of this mindset. When I need God, He should instantly answer me with what I think I need. He is supposed to be there, ready to work for me, just like electricity when I flip on the switch or pick up my device. I think that we would all agree that this mindset is like treating God as a good luck charm or a bottled genie, because we expect Him to answer or maybe even obey us when we want Him to and when He does not reply to our demands right away or when He does not give us what we want, we get frustrated in the same way that we get frustrated at our dead electronics.

Physics shows us how powerful electrons can be. They determine how atoms behave. Atoms make up matter, which makes up everything, so electrons, in a way, determine everything. It is baffling and amazing! But God is an even greater energy source that we do not tap into enough (maybe the very essence of the electron is actually made up of or birthed from God’s presence; wouldn’t that be something!?). We are the ones who are more like our electronic devices; we need to be plugged into a power source and recharged. We get drained of power because we are not a source in and of ourselves.
King David said, “As for me, I will call upon God; and the Lord shall save me. Evening, morning, and at noon will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice.” (Psalm 55:16-17) David said that he had to tap into God all day long. I am in awe of this. David wanted to be grounded in God as his source of life to help him make it through. He did not get the power that he needed from anything that this world has to offer. Probably because the source of power that drives the world is God, who is much bigger than anything in the very world that He personally created. David went to God to be recharged because he knew that this was the only true way to survive. I also know that this is the only true way for me to survive. So, as we face this New Year, instead of making up new resolutions, perhaps we should instead consider the source of Power that drives us and make sure we are plugged in to Jesus.