When hanging on the side of a wall, 25 feet in the air, it’s really hard to be thinking about anything else. Do I think about what happened before I started the climb? Nope. That’s not going through my mind. Do I think about What I have to do once I get down from the wall? Nope, that never crosses my mind either. When I am on the wall, I am absolutely nowhere else.

My mind, 100% on the task.

My body, 100% on the task.

My spirit, 100% on the task.


Rock climbing is something that I have become most passionate about, I love the mental, physical and spiritual demand that the sport takes, and all that it teaches me.

I once heard rock climbing described as one big meditation—as one big prayer. No other sport that I’ve been participated in engages every aspect of my full being like rock climbing does.

I am nowhere else in the world but on that wall. I really can’t be anywhere else, because if my mind, body, and spirit are not fully present then…


It has become something that I really connect with God through, as He teaches and speaks to me so much through it. Hence, the one big prayer.


Something that He's been teaching me lately, quite simply put, is this: You will never know how far you can go until you try.

I love climbing because I can always go further; I can always shatter the limits and set new heights for myself. The more and more that I push past boundaries that I once thought were the limit, I discover the potential to go further that was there inside of me all along.

It’s no different when God calls us to do hard things.

Ephesians 3:20 so powerfully says, “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”


When God calls us to push the limits, to go higher and higher in our walk with Him by doing things that seem absolutely impossible, those are the times when a power that is not our own gives us the strength to do these things. It is His work—by the power of the Holy Spirit—within us.

He does it, we just do it.

Where is God calling you right now? Who is He calling you to? Is there someone or somebody or some group of people (maybe your neighbors) that God is saying “go” to?

Does God ever call us to do easy things in His name and for His Kingdom? I really don’t think so, ultimately.

God wants us to rely on Him every day. By depending on Him, power that is not our own accomplishes so much more “than we might ask or think” and so much more than we can imagine, through us.


So, ask yourself these questions: How can I push the limits in my walk with Christ? How can I take risks?

Is He calling you to do something or go somewhere and yet the fear and the “what ifs” are holding you back? By His power at work within us, something beautiful just may be accomplished for His Kingdom’s sake. All we have to do is GO. If we don't GO, we will never know.