About 5 years ago, I had my head buried in the Bible and rapidly filling out a workbook for a Bible class.  I was about 5 months into this study and averaging about 4-6 hours of homework per week.  It was during one of these late night studies that my wife came down stairs looked at me and said, “Seriously? Why are you doing this? Why put yourself through so much reading?”  Though years later she would actually teach this class, at the time she was a newer believer.  I answered simply, “Because He is worth it.”  Her newer Christian mind was spinning and she said, “Can you honestly tell me that you love God like you love me?” She continued, “How do you love someone you cannot see?”  I at one time wondered the same thing, but God used a story to convict me, so I shared that same story with my wife.


I replied, “Imagine you are a young girl.  Imagine you just woke up in the morning but your eyes were opened in a new way.  You sat up in bed and for the first time you noticed that the bed was designed at just the perfect length.  When you looked around the room and saw the room was just the way you desired, the walls were just the right color, the door was just the right height, the furniture was just the right size, it was all custom made for you.   With this new reality you ran down stairs and realized each stair was just the right length.  Shaken up by these new realities, you ran outside and saw the playground was filled with all of your favorite slides and swings all made for just your size.  Now in a panic you run inside yelling ‘Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Help me! Help me!’”

“At this time,” I continued, “Your dad came into the room and sat on the couch that you noticed was just right to fit your size. You told your dad all about these amazing things you became aware of.  That’s when your dad sat you on his lap and lovingly said, ‘I was told one day you would notice the world around you and how it was just so.  This means you are ready to hear this some very tough truths.  You see, although I love you deeply I am not your actual Father.  Before you were born, your real father had to leave for a very important mission and hand-picked me to raise you.  But sweet child, know this, everything you see was designed for you to know your real Father’s love.  Under the paint on those walls is His name, pull up the carpet and you will see Him there too.  Everything you see was designed just so you would discover His love for you. But there is more, He is coming back to get you one day so you can live with him forever.  He also left you a gift.  It’s a letter describing Himself and His love for you.  He wants you to read it and know Him deeply.’”


I then asked my wife the same question I will ask you.  If you were the little girl, would you read His letter?  Would you maybe even love Him even though you never met Him?

We love because He first loved us. - 1 john 4:19 ESV


Though such a short scripture, it is the reality of this truth that changes everything you see.  My challenge to you is this.  Take today and notice for a moment the world around you and notice the craftsmanship and the love it shows.  Let us stand in awe knowing that our Father is coming back and let us read His letter not out of obligation, but because we want to know the Love of our Heavenly Father, the Father who first loved us.