For many, it’s holding their newborn baby. Others find it sitting in the middle of the lake, casting a line.  For some, it’s crafting a beautiful piece of woodwork. Personally, I see God’s handiwork the clearest through His animal kingdom. Dogs, cats, squirrels, rabbits, geese, bears, the list is endless. Not only do I marvel at His creation when I look at animals, I learn so many lessons from these incredible creatures.


Each year, the Canadian Geese return to their previous nesting site, which means Mister and Missus Goose (as we endearingly call them) return to our lake every spring to make their home and raise another bunch of young’uns.  When building the nest, the Missus will pull out supple down feathers from her breast to create a soft lining. Each morning, she will lay 1 to 2 eggs per day, laying a total of up to 10 eggs. While she is laying the eggs, she will leave the nest early morning and/or late afternoon to feed, drink, and bathe. Once all the eggs are laid, she nestles down for the next 28 days to wait for the big day. Mister hovers close, protecting his beloved as he paces back and forth, waiting to pass out cigars to his friends.

Well, several weeks ago, we woke up to five tiny goslings, following their parents every step of the way. After the goslings safely arrived, the entire brood relocated to the opposite side of our lake to begin the rearing process. Several times I have witnessed the Missus opening her wings so the goslings can run under for protection.  Each time I marvel at the mother’s instinctive love for her young.


A few days after the recent birth, I caught a glimpse of the nest the female had patiently sat on. Inside the nest were five very hard shells of eggs, broken in pieces. I couldn’t imagine how these tiny little fluffy goslings had managed to crack the eggs. After reading, I learned the little goslings are born with an egg tooth on top of their bill that will allow them to break out of their shell. The egg tooth will eventually disappear since it will no longer be needed.


He has it all worked out. He provided the babies with the tools to break out of their shell. And just as He has done so for the goslings, He has done so for us. So many times we feel poorly equipped to break out of our shell – or comfort zone – to do the work God has called us to do. Yet, He has prepared us for all we need.

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him. – Philippians 2:13.

It is a few chapters later we see familiar and comforting words of I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13)


When I feel inadequate to accomplish God’s work, I am reminded that He chose fishermen, tax collectors, shepherds, and common people to do His most important tasks. These ordinary folks were able to accomplish His work because God gave them the tools they needed – and the folks trusted Him. In essence, God gave these individuals an egg tooth – so they could break out of their shell. And He has given us an egg tooth as well.

As I sit here at this peaceful hour, I ask myself these questions:  

From what shell do I need to break free?

What is God asking me to do that I don’t feel equipped?

How can I use my egg tooth today?

Today, my egg tooth may be used to spread the gospel to a lost soul, to call up someone and repair a relationship, to sign up for a mission trip. Sure it may be scary, but I won’t be alone. In fact, God is ready and waiting to pull me under his wing and protect me from harm. If He can equip and protect a baby gosling, I am confident He will do the same for us!