There is a unique mystery and rare beauty found in wood. There are many different elements that wood can have or become. It can be rough, smooth, square, round, dark, or light. We take into account the smell, grain pattern, even the density of the wood.  All of these features can vary drastically. My most common encounter with wood these days is in the form of a pallet. Thank you Pinterest!

About a month ago, I was introduced to an incredible tool called Pallet Buster. This little bit of genius replaces the time-consuming effort of tearing apart a pallet by hand and takes away the necessity of having to use multiple other tools. This simple device has completely revolutionized my perspective. In a matter of minutes, I am able to take a pallet and make a small, neat pile of wood. And productivity skyrockets!


Now that I actually have the time to do something with my pallet wood, I’ve also been thinking about the truths that I can see from this vantage point.

1.   Even a pile of old, used wood has potential. Pallets are generally dirty, stained, cracked, broken, weathered, and abused. Dismantled, they are just a pile of unsightly planks taking up space. Before Pallet Buster, I saw a pile of old pallets like a mountain of grueling task ahead of me. But when that task was suddenly accomplished, my altered perspective revealed a stack of reclaimed wood available for me to create. That is thrilling!

2.   Imperfections are necessary and beautiful. The key to pallet projects is being able to look past all of the flaws and imperfections in the wood and see what it could be when crafted into a work of art.  Humans are much like wood. We can be rough and harsh and cause splinters. We have baggage, past hurts, and failures. We have imperfections. But Jesus is the Master Craftsman. Jesus sees us in all our unfinished mess and He makes us His masterpiece. Our flaws prove His Perfection.

3.   We need to cultivate our treasures. Wood that is carefully tended can be beautiful and last the course of many lifetimes, but when it is not properly managed, it can weather and will eventually deteriorate. We need to make the effort to preserve and take care of our belongings and be good stewards of what we’ve been given for our time on this earth. Not just with our possessions, but also with our selves. It is important that we tend to our bodies, that we eat well, exercise, and make healthy lifestyle choices. But even more so, we need to tend to our spirits. Our souls are eternal and will last forever. We need to nourish, exercise, and preserve the health and growth of our eternal selves, and invest in the eternity of others. I can’t think of anything more important!

4.  God is our architect. We each may be just one piece of board or material, but once we have been cut at the right angles, sized, and put together, an entire effective tower can be constructed! By itself, that one small piece of wood may not be able to complete much, but fit together with many other seemingly insignificant parts, it accomplishes everything! What we could never do alone, we can do as a body of believers when God is the architect. As a body of believers Jesus uses us for greatness. We should take this seriously.

The verse that climbs out of all this and clings to me with purpose is Ephesians 2:10.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.


If I could leave you with one thought, it would be that regardless of the condition you are in today, do not underestimate your potential in His Capable hands! Surrender to Him and allow the Master Craftsman to construct you into what He wants you to be.