Imagine a dark room.  You can't see anything.  You can't even see your hand in front of your face.  Imagine that it's so dark it almost feels like the darkness has taken shape and is folding in around you.  You feel panicked.  You feel lost.  You feel hopeless.  You wonder if you'll ever see light again.  And then suddenly your eyes aren't frantically searching around anymore because they've been drawn to the light radiating from beyond you.  You divert all your attention to focusing on that light.  You do whatever it takes to stay within the light's radius. You've known what it feels like to be without it, without any guidance or direction from it, and you refuse to let that happen again.  You move closer to the light every chance you can just so you can feel its warmth and use it to see all around you.  And the closer you move toward the light, the more the light is reflected off of you.  You learn to view yourself in light of it.  You learn to look at everything based on it.  Anything that draws you closer to the light or radiates the light itself is good.  Anything that moves you from the light or tries to extinguish it is evil.


The prophets in the Old Testament tried to save the Israelites from so much heartache and turmoil.  Whether through sheer ignorance or outright disobedience, they allowed so much sin to creep in among them that God, in His absolute wisdom, knew He had to send prophets to help speak truth back into their lives.  Unfortunately, as you read Scripture, it seems like just as the Israelites are getting back on track, a new ruler is appointed and bam, they're even worse than they were before.


Fast forward to today, when we are all consumed by whether what we're wearing is trendy enough or if our food is organic enough or if our jobs pay us enough or if our kids get enough outside playtime, if their outside playtime corresponds with their inside playtime, with their arts and crafts time, with their sit and read time, with their screen time, with their one on one time, the list is endless.  You know the phrase, "chickens running around with their heads cut off"?  Yeah, that's totally us.  We're all going and rushing and doing and yet, none of us have figured it out, have we?  None of us have learned from the mistakes made before us and have stopped doing what everyone else has done or continues to do.  We aren't throwing aside the things that bog us down - the things that are really just excuses that keep us from serving wholeheartedly where we're being called.  We run and we go until, eventually, we find ourselves in a dark room and can't find the light anywhere.

The prophets spoke to the Israelites then and they are speaking to us now - "Because of that experience, we have even greater confidence in the message proclaimed by the prophets.  You must pay close attention to what they wrote, for their words are like a lamp shining in a dark place--until the Day dawns, and Christ the Morning Star shines in your hearts." (2 Peter 1.19)


With five major prophet books (Isaiah-Daniel) and 12 minor prophet books (Hosea-Malachi), you can't say they didn't warn us.  And yet, here we are, wandering in the dark until Christ's spark is ignited around us.  And then, "like a lamp shining in a dark place" our lives are given new meaning.  We draw closer to Him.  His light is what defines us.  It becomes the source through which we view everything else.  His light is then illuminated within our own hearts to draw others to Him so that on that day, when we're judged by how well we let our light shine for Him, we can stand behind the Morning Star Himself and know and see and feel His light glowing from within like never before.

Your dark room doesn't have to be dark any longer!