During the preparation of our last worship night, things were unusually stressful. Both at work and at home, there were layers of circumstances that were really weighing me down. I was distracted and stressed. Many times throughout the day, especially after one particular rehearsal when we practiced the Cultivate song Brave, I found myself dwelling on the lyrics: I fix my eyes on You, Jesus. I don’t know how many times I had it running through my mind before I actually heard what I was thinking and started paying attention. What was I fixing my eyes on? What exactly did that mean anyway?


The word fix is defined: to fasten something securely in place; to direct one’s mind unwaveringly toward.  Obviously, every day there are many necessary things that demand our attention. We have jobs and relationships and a plethora of tasks to maintain our lives, but does that mean that Jesus has to take a backseat so that we can accomplish our goals or enjoy our lives? I believe that scripture suggests not.

Genesis 19:27, Now Abraham arose early in the morning and went to the place where he stood before the LORD;

Psalm 119:147, I rise before the dawn and cry for help, I wait for Your words.

Mark 1:35, In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there.


All three of these passages speak of rising early in the morning so that these men could fix their eyes on the most important thing in their lives. It was a starting point and a decision to set the foundation for the rest of their day. I have also found that if I rise early and look outside at the beauty the sunlight cascading across the clouds, it is easier to meditate on Christ and focus the start of my day on Jesus. Not everyone is a morning person, so this is more the idea of setting a time to align your priorities before the rest of life takes over. It is like plugging into The Source so that our eyes are always being pulled in Jesus’ direction and so that all our attentions are in tune to His heart and His will.


This is bound to look differently in each of our lives because we are all so vastly diverse from one another. And it may often change from one circumstance to another because we go through unique and separate phases of life. I am a creative artist and visual and touch learner. I like to get my hands on things to create. So, in this past conflict, for me to focus on JESUS meant that I literally meditated on the word JESUS and the word began to change colors, pulsing in brightness, and it drew me in. Now for some of you this might be completely bizarre and make absolutely no sense, but as a visual learner, this was my experience. As I centered on the actual word JESUS it continued to draw me in, challenging me to trust HIM, to rely on HIM, to offer thanks to HIM, and confess to HIM. I was compelled to talk to HIM, and filled with a desire to seek HIM. Why? Because when I took the time to make the determination to fix my eyes on HIM, and when my focus is in the right place, all my worries fade in light of who He is and what He does. My insecurities, fears and imperfections are nothing because He is with me! I am serving an audience of ONE and in those purposeful moments, nothing else matters! So, I share my constant reminder with you: Lift your eyes up! Before the day gets away from you, determine to fix your eyes on Jesus first and let the rest stay in their rightful secondary place!