In a little over two weeks, our oldest son will be graduating from the police academy. As a mom, I’m incredibly proud, but to say I’m a little bit anxious about our son’s career choice would be an understatement; particularly in these unsettling times when what used to be considered right is now wrong. The lines between just and corrupt are blurred and bad news travels faster and wider than ever before, while good news takes a back seat to all the sensationalism.

But Psalm 112:7 says:

“They won’t be afraid of bad news (or live in dread of what may happen); their hearts are steady because they trust the Lord.”


We live in a fear based world and Satan is taking full advantage of this mindset. If you doubt that at all, just think back earlier in the month after the “election of all elections” and its outcome. Social media was a barrage of greatest fears made public. “I fear for my children…” “I fear for my nation…” “I fear for our world…” Everyone had fears regardless of their political stance.  But sadly then, out of this fear erupted anger, division and even raw hatred. Fear can truly distort our reality and our emotions.

But as Christians, we have every reason to live courageously, to live compassionately, to live peacefully and overflowing with love because the ultimate battle has already been fought and won on our behalf.

Knowing that God is not just near but He is HERE in every circumstance and living in that reality has been key for me. I trust and believe that His plans are perfect even when they don’t align with mine. And as a mother, I can attest and witness that He hears and is answering my daily prayers to put godly people in the paths of my children. That He reminds them of His love for each of them, believing that He loves them even more than this mama does and that He will be relentless in His pursuit of their whole hearts gives me a deep sense of peace… even as I anticipate a badge being pinned on my son soon.


We may have legitimate fears as we struggle in this life, but remember He is our Deliverer. He is our Protector. He is our Comforter. He reigns forever and He is here!

I’ll close in sharing a little moment when God spoke to me on this very thing. As I mentioned, our son is about to become a police officer. During a recent family day at the academy, one of the older sergeants got up to speak to all of the loved ones gathered in celebration and support of this class of recruits. He shared that he totally understood our anxiety because he too has sons who chose this path. And he did not sugarcoat the fact that we are living in troubling times. But he ended with this statement: “God handpicked your young men and women to be here at this time. ‘For such a time as this.’ God has a purpose for them and we have done our best to prepare them. They are ready.”


I immediately was reassured and felt that God was speaking directly to my heart – “See Jenny, I’ve got this! I’ve heard your prayers.”

Nothing surprises God. Nothing slips past Him or escapes His notice. His hand is on us and with us if we take the time to pause and look and ultimately trust.

The election results did not surprise God or catch Him off guard, nor did our son unexpectedly choosing to be a police officer. God can and does use whomever He chooses to fulfill His purposes. You can count on that!