All the earth worships You and sings praises to Your Name! (Psalm 66:4)

The heavens declare the glory of God! (Psalm 19:1)

Let heaven and nature sing! (Isaiah 44:23)

Blessed is Jesus… even the rocks cry out! (Luke 19:40)


These are familiar words to many of us, but they came alive for me a few months ago when I went to see a ballet that my sister’s company performed. They had connected with an astrophysicist who desired to bring the beauty of science to life through dance - specifically the birth and life of a star. The project is poetically called Song of the Stars. It certainly came alive for me! With each phase of a star's life that I witnessed through artistic movement and with each scientific word I heard of the commentary, I did see and understand parts of science that had been completely foreign to me before. Stars are amazing! But I felt the unspoken conclusion bursting from my own heart. Though it wasn't acknowledged in the performance, the Song of the Stars roars: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Holy, Holy, Holy! As I watched dancers move in representation of dust and gasses, combining elements, the struggle between fire and emptiness, the projection of color and light into the universe; each event as a significant part of a star to be birthed, to survive, and eventually die. As I drank in every beautiful movement, all I could deafeningly ponder was this constant thought: They exist and move and sing because He has created them to be.


And then my focus shifted to the actual dancers and I thought the same thing: Isn't that true for each of us! Despite us and our faulty humanness, whether we are saved or not, we live and move and breathe merely because He has created us to be. Our modest existence is worship because God created us to be! We do have the power to violate that Truth and dance to the song of our own selfishness: to destruction, separation, and other horrors. Or we can be aware of Truth and dance to the Song of our Souls: living, existing, and moving to His glory and for His praise!


I don’t know how we get so off course in our manner of thinking. Somewhere along the way, our busyness, our selfishness, our limiting humanness, distracts us from the unfathomable power of God and from His holiness! We sure think we are something, that God needs us, that our plans and our abilities are necessary. How foolish we are! We were created by Him and FOR Him! Our mere existence is proof that He IS. it’s obvious human nature that we are driven to selfishness, but we should be reprimanded for forgetting our place and the very essence of our purpose. He alone deserves Glory!

We get so caught up in what we can do for The Lord, but if we are to truly experience intimacy with God and each other, maybe we should also consider pausing to just be for Him.