Sometimes I wonder, what sets me apart?  What makes me different from regular ol' Joe Shmoe off the street?  What do I bring to the table?  How do I distinguish myself from others?

Deuteronomy 6.25 reminds me how.  "And if we are careful to obey all this law before the Lord our God, as He has commanded us, that will be our righteousness."


What makes me special or significant doesn't have anything to do with me.  What brings about my righteousness isn't something specific to just me.  No, it's God Who makes me stand out.  And when I love Him enough to obey Him?!  That is what makes me stand out in the world today.

The world is too busy trying to figure out what the next best thing is every 15 minutes.  The world is so focused on relishing in people's lows and riding the curtails of people's highs that it's hard to keep up.  So many will do just about anything to make their mark on the world -- reality tv star, distinguished instagramist, next best blogger/DIYer/chef/sports pro you name it.  The world craves attention and glamor and standing out amongst those who are trying to stand out themselves.  It's an unending feed of AGT performers, The Voice singers, internet sensations, the list goes on and on.

So for our righteousness to come in a not so look-at-me way may seem counterproductive.  If we want to be righteous before God shouldn't we do some grandiose gesture(s) that equal how righteous and grandiose He is?!


Well, that'd be awesome if we could find something that matched Him in that regard, but it'd also be impossible.  Nothing is as righteous or grandiose or good or beautiful or life-changing as God Himself. He is the Author of Life.  He is the original Originator.  All creation came from His voice.  All the colors of fall, all the smells in a coffee shop, all the sounds and textures on a hike, all the tastes from a fudgery all originate from Him.  He created them all and He did it with you and me in mind.

He makes it so simple for us -- to love Him is to obey Him and to obey Him is to love Him.  So when He commands us to carefully obey all the laws He's given us, we take delight in doing so.  It's an even playing field.  No one has an advantage over another.  We're all starting from the same starting line.  We meet Jesus at the foot of the cross where we give Him all of our baggage, our burdens, our past mistakes, our struggles, the lies we lied to ourselves about, the hurt we believed about ourselves and we relinquish control.  We choose to pursue righteousness by following His commands.  We choose to find favor in the simplicity of following Jesus rather than the red herring of chasing the next best thing.

Don't lose sight of what will provide you with eternal glory.  It won't be found in your bank account.  It won't be found in how many people know your name.  It won't be found in achieving the American Dream.


It'll be Jesus.  Period.  Righteousness can be yours when you're ready to relinquish the need for others to declare you righteous by your own actions.  Only Jesus is capable of doing that.

I want to be known because of the righteousness that comes from Jesus, not from me.  I'm shooting for an eternity of righteousness rather than my 15 seconds of fame.