The world is loud. How easy its voice can become so distracting, that eventually it’s the only one that can be heard. How easy its voice can become so influencing, until it’s the only one that we listen to and follow.

The world is crowded. How easy all of the voices that clamor and fight to be heard for our attention cause us to drift to the right or to the left. It’s slow and steady, but sure. The world is always fighting for our attention and for our ears, until the One Voice of truth, of life, and of hope can become obscured, and not heard.

The Holy Spirit has revealed to me in my own life that this can become an all too easy reality to fall into. How is this?


How does this happen that we can no longer hear the voice of Jesus?  It can happen when we don’t even mean for it to. It can happen seemingly subconsciously, without us even realizing it happening. It can happen subtly.

It happens when we turn aside from the Source, the Living Water, and seek answers to the questions of our hearts and seek the way to life elsewhere. It often, as I have experienced, stems from the prideful disposition of our humanity. We either feel like we can figure things out on our own, or we can seek other means and voices to help us answer these questions and show us the way to life.

But there is only one Way.

It’s a narrow Way.

And it’s Jesus.

And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left. - Isaiah 30:21 (ESV)

One of the beautiful aspects of being filled with the Holy Spirit is that the Holy Spirit convicts us and speaks to us. It is the voice that tells us, “This is the way.” May we be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. May His voice be the only voice that pierces through the crowd and through the noise. We must discern His voice out from the rest.


1) Pray for a sensitive heart. 

We must be able to sense His promptings when He moves and speaks!

2) Be in the Word.

We hear this all the time, I get it. But this cannot be overstated enough! His Word speaks truth, and His Word convicts us. His Word speaks life, and points us to Jesus, the only Way. What a beautiful gift His Word is to us, that we may read and study the accounts and the words of the ultimate Gift, Jesus, and of our Father. It’s amazing how all of the other voices can falter and fade away when we allow Him to speak to our hearts through His Word.

3) Remain humble and lowly as we take after a servants’ heart.

This is the way of Jesus. God reveals His glory and His truths to the humble in spirit, who are absolutely hungry and thirsty for Him. May we pursue this way of life everyday as we seek Him!

To Hear Your Voice, written by Young Oceans off of their record I Must Find You (2014) is currently a favorite song of mind. It speaks these words:

            “I choose to walk beside you Jesus

            Show me the true and narrow Way

            Defend my heart when I am weary

            And draw me home if I should stray”

Let us walk beside Jesus, the only Way. May all other voices that fight for our attention fade as we seek a sensitive heart; as we hear from His voice through His Word, and as we seek to walk humbly in Spirit, hungry and thirsty for Him: the only Way that can satisfy.

May we hear and listen to His voice.