Throughout scripture there are a countless number of names for God. Some that are intimate like Father, and Emmanuel, and others that declare the depth and power of God like Yahweh (to exist to be God), Elohim (strong one), and Adonai (master, owner). The list goes on and on.


Two years ago, we, as Cultivate, set out on a journey. This journey was one that has been challenging, yet graciously rewarding. The journey we felt called to was to write and produce our own worship songs.

While I don’t want to use my entire word count quota to explain our reasoning for this, I will say that we feel that it was a conviction. This conviction was all about our offering that we were bringing before the Lord.  

If you would like to know more about our call to write, then please check out my post Five Reasons Every Church Should Write.


For those of you that are a part of our family at OCC, you know how many amazingly talented people we have serving in our church. It’s almost unreal when I step back and look around at the people I get to serve alongside. God is so gracious!

Because He has blessed us with such an astounding blessing within Cultivate, we knew we needed to give the first fruits of that blessing back to Him.

So we began writing.

As we wrote, we continually studied and reflected on scripture. We continued to pursue Jesus and we sought to bring our OCC family, and us, together to encounter Him.

See, the vision of Cultivate is not to write songs that change people’s lives; the vision is to write songs that bring people to the feet of Jesus where He will change their lives. 


Back in late fall of last year, we began taking songs that we had written and bringing them to life. We began “putting muscles and skin on the skeleton,” as we like to call it. (I know that might sound a little weird, but it works for us.)



After months of prep and rehearsals, we traveled to Nashville in February where we recorded our first album called Glorious Name.


The word Glorious means to be full of glory; entitled to great fame. Jesus is that name. His name is the most Glorious Name.

“Therefore, God elevated him to the place of highest honor and gave him the name above all other names” - Philippians 2:9

We pray this worship EP will complement and uplift Paul’s words within the body of the church. We want to see Jesus at the highest place of honor; every moment of everyday.


We’re excited to say that beginning today, you can pre-order Glorious Name on iTunes. The official release will be August 18, but if you pre-order today you will be able to download the title track, Glorious Name, and will receive the rest on the release day.

Also, another extremely exciting part of the release is Friday, August 21 at 7pm. Mark your calendars as we are holding a Night of Worship where we will introduce and worship with these new songs, as well as other originals. This worship night will take place at OCC and each of you are invited.


Glorious Name is empty words without Jesus.  This album is just music without Jesus. So we’d like to ask a favor. Please pray! Please pray that this album is only and always for Jesus. Pray that it is used for encouraging and challenging the community of believers. And finally, pray that God is lifted higher than anything or any other name, because it’s all for Him.