Are you guilty of “mentally checking out” during worship?  I think most of us would admit there are times this has happened.  Checking out, or losing focus, can happen for a wide variety of reasons.


·       We are distracted (family, work, etc.)

·       We are apathetic

·       We are upset/displeased with God

·       We don’t like a song

·       We’re too familiar with a song (words don’t affect us)

·       We don’t feel comfortable with a new song 

I know that our worship is meaningless if we are not fully focused on God and the words we are singing to Him.  He wants our full attention and honestly, we owe that to Him.

So how can we stay focused with all of these variables? If I find that I am checking out, there are several things I try to get back on track. 


·       If I am unfamiliar with a song, I listen to the words.  I try to apply the lyrics to my life and join in when I feel comfortable.

·       If I’m distracted, I stop singing and listen to the worshippers around me.  Many times, the voices around me are enough to remind me where my heart should be. 

·       If we are singing a song I’ve sung many times before, I repeat the lyrics of the song inside my head and ask myself if I truly believe what I am singing.  I pray the lyrics of the song.

·       If my heart is hard or I am apathetic, I pray that God changes my heart.  This is difficult, but usually results in a very powerful worship experience. 


 But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. – John 4:23

I want to be one of those people- a true worshipper.  We are human and will always fall short, but I truly believe God recognizes our striving.  He will bless us and extend grace to us when we commit ourselves to Him in worship.